Background and History

Jessica Oh is a recent college graduate from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's degree in Songwriting. Jessica has acquired lyric writing skills in genres such as pop, hip-hop, and R&B and has a focus in DAWs such as Logic and ProTools. Constantly working with signed artists on projects from developing top lines to creating catchy melodies, Jessica is an enthusiastic and creative thinker with a passion for songwriting. 

Besides her love for writing music, She is also the former captain of a hip-hop dance team, a member of the Berklee K-pop group, and the founder of "International Culture Club." She has won numerous awards in poetry contests, art competitions, and tennis matches, but her heart has always been in the music she creates. Jessica is classically trained in piano, cello, and guitar, but has been writing pop and Christian music since 2005. Overall, Jessica values kindness, and she shows that through her interactions with others and through her music. 



Lyrics and Melody Writing

Jessica finds most of her joy writing for other artists. She has written pop, R&B, hip hop, rap, reggae, and country music, and she is opened to write in any style. Jessica uses music as a way of sharing and connecting. She enjoys telling stories and uses unique metaphors to paint the picture. Her work is honest, and she writes melodies catering towards the singer so that their voice can shine. Jessica's lyrics are well-planned and creative, and she hopes to use music as a way to show people that we are not alone.